Chairez ad suggests Roger went easy on Hilton due to her lawyer's campaign donations

In the first negative television ad in the Clark County district attorney race, candidate Don Chairez suggests his opponent, incumbent David Roger, last week gave Paris Hilton a "sweetheart deal" in her recent speedy conviction on felony cocaine charges.

Paris Hilton and her attorney, David Chesnoff, arrive at the Regional Justice Center on Sept. 20. Photo by Jessica Ebelhar/Las Vegas Review-Journal

The quid pro quo Chairez alleges involves a $10,000 campaign contribution Hilton attorney David Chesnoff made to Roger's campaign. Hilton was given a year's unsupervised probation, ordered to perform 200 hours community service and pay a $2,000 fine as part of the sentenced handed down by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joseph Bonaventure.

In this video (below), one of many regarding Chairez's campaign posted on YouTube, the challenger makes it very easy for viewers to pick up what he's putting down. It's all very entertaining, of course, but other than the stunning speed in which Hilton's case was adjudicated -- 24 days from her arrest on the Strip Aug. 27 to her guilty plea and sentencing on Sept. 20 -- there's nothing in the way the socialite was treated that's too far beyond the pale for any first-time drug offender.

Significantly, Bonaventure told Hilton she would spend a year in the Clark County jail if she gets in any trouble other than traffic tickets over the next 12 months.