IRS phishing -- don't take the bait!

There was an interesting offer in my personal e-mail inbox just moments ago. It appeared to be sent by the Internal Revenue Service and it said I was eligible for a tax refund of $182,50. Yes, that figure is right, which was the first of many indicators that this message was a hoax. I next rolled my cursor over the links in the message to see where they lead. Every one went to a site that was NOT the IRS, but instead began with  ""

The bottom line is, DO NOT click on anything in any message you receive from the IRS, or any that you have not solicited. The IRS does not contact people with offers like this via e-mail. Don't take the bait. There are many "phishing" messages sent daily. It's cheap and easy to do, and people do click and end up with personal and financial information in the hands of those looking to steal you blind.

Delete, delete, delete!