The Kin can’t

Question No. 1: What smart phone made its debut less than two months ago and has already been handed the death sentence?
Answer: The Kin, from Microsoft Corp. and Verizon Wireless.

You may have seen the commercials for the gadget targeted at the young social media-using types. The device came in two models, Kin One and Kin Two.

Read a New York Times story about the end of the Kin:

Lagging sales of the phones probably made Microsoft do away with the Kin. I'm pretty sure the release of Apple's iPhone 4, the HTC Evo and the upcoming Droid X also figured in the Kin's demise, too.

But this story makes me think the real targets were the Dr. Seuss characters Thing One and Thing Two from "The Cat in the Hat." Maybe Microsoft took its lead from Seuss, who wrote of the pesky Things: "Think of something to do! You will have to get rid of Thing One and Thing Two!"

Question No. 2: Why does the Microsoft Zune still exist? (For those who may have forgotten, the Zune is a portable MP3 music player. I think there's some competition in that field, too.)

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