A little iPad patience may pay off

The rumor mill for the next generation Apple iPad continues to churn, giving people waiting for a new and improved version even more reasons to keep waiting. If the rumors are true, your patience will be rewarded.

The latest rumors suggest the iPad 2 will have better speakers and a flatter profile. I guess it will look even more like an oversized iPhone 4.

Here's a compilation of the features culled from numerous rumors from numerous sources (although nobody's yet found an iPad 2 in a San Francisco bar):

— 9.7-inch screen, higher-resolution display
— Dimensions: 9.4-by-7.3-by-0.4 inches
— Front-facing camera for Facetime
— Rear-facing camera
— Wide-range speakers
— Secure Digital card slot (or not)
— 30-pin connectors in portrait and landscape mode (or not)
— Dual-core processor

Today's rumor from a Japanese Mac blog site says the new iPad will ship sometime in January. That's next month, folks. If you've waited this long, keep waiting. Or do as I did, and ask Santa for a rain check.

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