Looking for an in for CES? Read on

One of the most common questions I get around this time of year is, "Can you get me in to CES?"

It's understandable that the world's largest convention — the International Consumer Electronics Show — would build a large following. I mean, who doesn't have a gadget, or two, they're eyeballing for the future?

The planet’s grandest gizmo collection starts later this week; many events are at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The official launch is Thursday. For me, and other members of the press, the show gets going Tuesday with events in the afternoon and evening. Ditto for Wednesday.

This year, for the first time in CES history, the Consumer Electronics Association, the nonprofit organization that stages CES, is opening membership to tech enthusiasts. That's the average geek, and everyone in the group that's asked me about sneaking them into past CES events.

You can start by signing up here:

The cost is $49 a year, provided you sign up before Friday night. Be sure to use the promo code VEGAS when signing up. Membership gets you into the 2011 CES on its final day, Sunday.

As a Tech Enthusiast member of CEA you also have chances at discounts and deals from member companies and opportunities to beta test products.

See you at CES!