On this one issue, I agree with Limbaugh

The Wall Street Journal on Friday published an op-ed piece by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in which he appealed to President Obama not to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which, until the mid-1980s, regulated political content on the airwaves.

Limbaugh, I have to admit, is right. Democrats angered by years of abuse from talk radio goons such as Limbaugh have been talking about returning to the Fairness Doctrine to require a balance of political perspectives on the radio.

On the surface, "fairness" sounds good. But there’s this little thing we in America call the Bill of Rights that should stand in the way of government regulation of what is and isn’t said.

Regardless of how venal Limbaugh and his ilk can be, a Fairness Doctrine is both unconstitutional and unnecessary. Consider that despite the long reach of Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the rest, they got their butts kicked in the 2008 elections. If they really had the influence that liberals fear, the November election would have gone the other way.