Post-midnight robocalls irk voters, Question 1 backers

What’s worse than an election-year robocall?

An election-year robocall that rings you up at about 1:30 a.m.

The organizers of Nevadans for Qualified Judges were wholeheartedly apologetic this morning after learning many residents were riled from peaceful slumber in the wee hours this morning.

We can only imagine what kind of nasty comments the organization received. We received a handful and all we did was write a few stories about Question 1 on this year’s ballot. Question 1 is the one that wants to change how judges are selected in the state.

Here’s a verbatim and typical email from one irate recipient of the call:

I see you wrote an article related to the Nevadans for Qualified judges organization. why don't you write an article on why this and other political organizations are exempt from the do not call list. they have just called my house at 1am and when I go on their facebook site apparently there are two other people complaining about the same thing. one was a very senior citizen who was awaken in the middle of the night terrified that something bad had happened in her family. I will make sure that I vote no to the proposal just out of spite, as soon as I vote I am removing myself, my wife and my daughter as registered voters. it may be too late for this year but will stop future junk mail and telephone calls in the future, I'm literally getting from five to fifteen pieces of junk mail a day from political organization but this one tops it. considering what they say about each other maybe they are breaking some kind of federal law as hate mail. go to their website and go to the discussions list on their facebook link. I'm sure by the time you get there, there will be more posts.
This one is really absurd and tops it all, they have some set of balls, basically terrifying people in the middle of the night.

The good news is, Nevadans for Qualified Judges did not intend to place phone calls after midnight. They know the fight to go to merit selection of judges is a steep uphill climb as it is and this gaffe didn’t help.

According to The Ferraro Group, a public relations firm involved in Nevadans for Qualified Judges, a California robocall company is to blame.

In a letter posted on Facebook headlined “An urgent message to Nevada voters regarding automated phone calls authorized by Nevadans for Qualified Judges,” the mistake is explained thusly:

We sincerely apologize to many Nevada voters who received an automated telephone message after hours last night. The company that was hired by Nevadans for Qualified Judges to execute the phone calls, Stones’ Phones Inc. in Rancho Mirage, Calif., misprogrammed the time of day for the calls.
“There is no excuse for this to have happened and the NQJ campaign is very sorry for your late night interruption. Furthermore, Stones’ Phones has been terminated by the NQJ campaign,” said the campaign.

And if you still want to lodge a complaint for getting rousted from bed, the campaign provides an email address., to “express your displeasure.”