Rooooooad Triiiiiiiiiiiiip!

Who doesn't love a road trip? You know the routine. Pack a bag, grab some
cash and head for the highway.

You have several drivers and plan to keep a fresh driver behind the wheel
as the mile markers stack up in your rearview mirror.

If you can't drop everything and hit the road in time for the Indianapolis
500, you can at least follow the escapades of two teams — one leaving from
San Francisco and one from Miami — sponsored by the folks at 7-Eleven.
That's the catch. The only pit stops the teams behind the wheels of the
hybrid cars masked to look like Indy 500 racers will be at 7-Elevens. The
trips will take three weeks to complete, so I can assume the teams will be
sleeping along the way. Not in 7-Eleven parking lots, I hope.

The trips start simultaneously on May 10. The eastbound team (Red Team)
plans to make pit stops at 7-Elevens in Las Vegas on May 12. You can see
more about the trips and follow the action from both teams at and New two- to three-minute webisodes
will be posted every day. Happy Little Guillotine Films of San Francisco
( is producing the videos.

You can also follow the teams on Twitter, @FollowDrew, @711GreenTeam and

Beware the Slurpee brain freeze!