St. Pierre beats Penn

ROUND 4: Within 30 seconds, St. Pierre has Penn down again and in half guard with a right hand landing unanswered punches.

Now St. Pierre lands eight elbows to Penn’s head.

With three minutes to go, it’s still St. Pierre in control like he has been the entire match.

Penn’s only chance is for a knockout or submission, but he has to get out from under St. Pierre for any chance of that happening.

St. Pierre’s ground-and-pound seems unstoppable.

St. Pierre still able to pound Penn’s head with his right. When that arm gets tired he uses the left.

This won’t go on much longer. Penn isn’t quitting, but St. Pierre is relentless. He hits Penn with a big left.

The referee and doctors are looking at him while he stands in his corner.

It’s over. St. Pierre wins by technical knockout on the doctor's advice.

St. Pierre was leading 40-35, 40-34 and 40-34 on the judges' cards.

Penn’s corner seemed to want the fight stopped. More on that later.