St. Pierre takes control of second round

ROUND 2: Penn lands a right cross, but not much damage. They’re back on the fence with St. Pierre going for Penn’s right leg again. This time St. Pierre gets it and puts Penn down.


St. Pierre in full guard. St. Pierre connects with left to the head in the ground-and-pound. Penn looks frustrated.



St. Pierre drops a big left to Penn’s head. St. Pierre with a series of rights to Penn’s head.



Does not look good for Penn.



St. Pierre in complete control and using ground-and-pound.



St. Pierre throws a few right elbows. A combination to the head by St. Pierre.



Forty seconds left. Penn still down, and St. Pierre dropping a few shots.



Penn is getting amouse below his left eye.



Round is over. Penn survives.



Wolf says: St. Pierre big, possibly 10-8.