We got us a NASCAR convoy, good buddy

“Breaker, breaker. This here’s the 24 ... anybody copy?”

Welcome to a trend of too much two-way radio chatter that has gone too far in NASCAR. How would have imagined C.B. radios would be in vogue in 2011?

What’s next? Texting and Tweeting from car to car?

I never liked that drivers could talk to teammates at 180-mph to coordinate strategy, and it has done WAY too far with drivers communicating on radios with rival teams.

Talking to your spotter and crew chief is as far as NASCAR should let it go

It’s like a pimple on the face of NASCAR competition that will come to a head this weekend as the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Two-car tandem racing was the only way to race in the Daytona 500 and that style likely will be the theme of racing this weekend on the other track that requires power-choking restrictor plates.

Most drivers will be able to talk to more than teammates to help form fast, two-car convoys and to alert the other to pending braking or if the caboose is getting too hot and needs to switch into the lead to breathe more air.

Kevin Harvick said this morning he will test the expanded network in Saturday’s Nationwide race by having 20 drivers on his radio. If it works, he’ll have several channels added for Sunday’s Cup race.

Here are some drivers’ thoughts on the subject:

JEFF GORDON: “Right now we just have six and that’s our four Hendrick and the two (Stewart-Haas) teams (Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman). We’ll evaluate some things as we go through the weekend here and I’m sure we’ll be adding some to it.”

CLINT BOWYER: “I wish I could have everybody. Obviously your teammates are the most important, but it doesn’t matter who it is, if you find yourself with whoever, you need to be able to communicate with them and I wish there was a way they could make that happen for us.

“If you are pushing somebody and ... that was one thing that evolved at Daytona, and it’s going to be even more so here ... As you are pushing him, you have got to be able to have him tell you ‘Checking up, checking up’ or you are going to push him right into a wreck and cause everybody to wreck. That’s an important safety measure.”

KURT BUSCH: “I feel like the teams that we should be communicating with are right there in Penske Racing and that’s who we need to communicate with. We just want to keep our game plan the same and that’s to use commitments that you have made already and not try and get too wrapped up in driving someone else’s car from their radio.”