Webb of deceit? Prosecutors push to indict ex-cop

Prosecutors are in a race to take the murder conspiracy case against ex-cop William Ronald Webb to a county grand jury.

They would prefer to have him indicted before Webb’s prominent lawyer, John Momot, gets a crack at cross-examining a key witness against Webb at a Nov. 30 preliminary hearing in Henderson Justice Court.

The witness is an ex-felon who told an undercover detective about an alleged scheme by Webb to obtain drugs to kill his girlfriend, Las Vegas attorney Nancy Quon.

Police suspect Quon was feeling the pressure of an FBI investigation into massive fraud within homeowners associations around the valley and wanted Webb to help her commit suicide.

Quon, who made millions of dollars as a construction defect lawyer, is reported to be a key target of the FBI probe. She maintains she wasn’t trying to bring about her own demise, and she is not charged in the death plot.

Taking the case against Webb to a grand jury will allow prosecutors to get the ex-felon's testimony on the record without having to subject him to tough questioning from Momot.

If Webb is indicted, there will be no preliminary hearing and the case will move directly to District Court for trial.

The only problem for prosecutors is getting time before the busy panel over the next two weeks, with the Thanksgiving holiday on the horizon.