What do you think the Second Amendment is for? Rabbit hunting?

After a Washington Post blogger dredged up a six-month old radio interview Senate candidate Sharron Angle did with a conservative talk show host, a certain sector of tongue wagers are choking on their corn flakes, shocked that anyone could be so audacious as to ever say such an outrageous thing.

Review-Journal writer and blogger
Steve Tetreault noted in a posting Tuesday that WaPo blogger Greg Sargent found the item and Harry Reid’s supporters were all a’Twitter over it.

Sargent wrote, “Here's another one that could be tough for Sharron Angle to explain away: In an interview in January, Angle appeared to float the possibility of armed insurrection if ‘this Congress keeps going the way it is.’

“I'm not kidding.”

Liberal blogger and occasional cable TV talker, Alan Colmes commented on Angle’s comment by saying, “The more we hear about the far-right tea party candidates, the more bizarre it gets.”

Las Vegas Sun scribbler
Jon Ralston gasped, “There also was some stuff that must have made her new handlers cringe, too. Most notably: The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent noted that she told a conservative talk radio host that ‘Second Amendment remedies’ may be in order if Congress keeps going the way it is. I shudder to think how many people reading this agree with that sentiment.”

Shudder then, because some of us remember why the Second Amendment was included in the Bill Rights by people who had just won a revolution with their personally owned firearms.