Former NBA star Tony Kukoc had the best story of the day during opening play Thursday of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek.

While gathered on No. 15, Kukoc told his group he was playing in a goodwill tournament in Europe in 1997 when a young Korean teenager approached him and asked to take a picture with him. 

The young fan, said Kukoc, turned out to be Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, which has been threatening to strike the U.S. with a nuclear weapon.

Photos surfaced a few years ago that appeared to confirm it was North Korea's future leader with a group of students at an international school in Bern, Switzerland. The North Korean leader's love of the NBA is no secret. He recently invited Dennis Rodman to North Korea.

Other notes from opening day:

— NFL pass-catching legend Jerry Rice, also known for his slick moves while competing on "Dancing with the Stars," teed off at the first hole and asked spectators which dance they'd like to see him do.

— Ken Griffey Jr. was all business. When offered a beverage at Light Group Lounge on the 15th hole, Griffey Jr. declined, saying "too early for tequila."

— NHL great Brett Hull had the crowd applauding on No. 15 when he handed his clubs over to two cocktail servers at the Light Group Lounge and allowed them to tee off.

— “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Bruce Jenner ribbed his son Brody about who had the better golf game. Brody might have been distracted. He was seen giving a cocktail waitress his telephone number. She was overheard saying, “I’m putting your name in my phone as ‘Avril Lavigne’s ex-boyfriend.’ ” He was spotted taking four ladies on a golf cart joy ride.

— Actor Anthony Anderson had a mini-me in tow. It was his son, who was adorable in plaid shorts that matched his dad's look.

— Upon arrival at the driving range, actor and comedian Rob Riggle did some back and leg stretches with a couple of the ladies from Above & Beyond Fitness.

— NFL Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden was showing off some of his yoga moves to the ladies at the Light Group Lounge on No.15.

— Jordan got into his music. He was jamming to his personal golf cart playlist which included Beyonce, Eminem and Justin Timberlake, and even showed off a few moves on Hole 9 to V.I.C.'s "Wobble."

(The above information was provided by the MJCI)