Aide: Obama likely to bring up Vegas quips

With President Barack Obama's asides about Las Vegas still a sore spot with some of the locals, a White House aide expects the president will meet them head on during his visit on Friday, according to a report on

"I imagine it'll come up," senior political adviser David Axelrod said.

“Obviously the president wants to encourage tourism, wants to encourage people to go to Vegas and other destinations around the country and enjoy themselves and spend their money."

Mayor Oscar Goodman, other local leaders and members of Nevada's congressional delegation were rankled when Obama in a Feb. 2 New Hampshire speech quipped that people saving for college shouldn't "blow a bunch of cash in Vegas."

It was the second time in a year that Obama had referenced Las Vegas in remarks about fiscal irresponsibility, leading Goodman to wonder what Obama's problem was with the city.

“The truth is, our goal is to get the economy moving so people have the income to go on vacations and enjoy themselves and go to great destinations like Las Vegas, and the president is all for that,” Axelrod said, according to