Brutal Ensign interview

CNN's Rick Sanchez brings Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., on television to talk about terrorism and launches into a barrage of questions about Ensign's extramarital affair and allegations of illegal activity to cover it up.

Rough transcript of interview highlights:
(Talking about allegations former Ensign aide Doug Hampton violated lobbying restrictions with Ensign's help.
RS: Sir, that's an illegality and something you owe an explanation for to your constituents.
JE: That's his problem, that's not my problem. We will cooperate with any investigations.
(Later, Ensign deflects Sanchez)
JE: I've spoken all I need to speak on this. ... I did nothing illegal, I did nothing unethical. That will absolutely be proven.
(Near the end Ensign indicates he intends to remain in office despite the scandal)
JE: The ethics committee will clear me and I will be able to go on being a senator.