As Guedry drops out, Heck not ruling out run against Titus

News dropped Friday that former banker John Guedry would cease his campaign for the congressional seat held by Dina Titus, D-Nev.

That had Republicans burning up the phone lines over the weekend discussing who would pick up the torch for Guedry.

And the conversations all seemed to include gubernatorial candidate Joe Heck, despite insistence Friday by Heck campaign manager Grant Hewitt that Heck was determind to continue in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

On Monday Heck had this to say about jumping into a congressional campaign: "I have not ruled it out. I have received several phone calls. I'm discussing it with my family."

Joanna Burgos of the National Republican Congressional Committee said a candidate will emerge within the next two weeks.

"We'll move on this quickly," she said.