Heck backs Romney again

The friendship continues between Republican Rep. Joe Heck and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Heck told the Associated Press today he will again back Romney's bid to become the Republican nominee in 2012, as he did during Nevada's early caucus in 2008.

"I am not one to hedge my bets," Heck told AP reporter Christina Silva in Las Vegas. "When I think I have a winner, I am going to stick with a winner."

After Heck helped Romney win the state's caucus in 2008, the former Massachusetts governor returned the favor and campaigned for Heck's U.S. House bid last year.

Romney posed for photos with Heck supporters at $500 a pop to raise money during a barbecue last May. Romney's organization, the Free and Strong American political action committee. also donated $2,500 to Heck's campaign.