Horsford camp fires back to Republicans on his ethics

Steven Horsford hit back Wednesday at a Republican group that named him one of the 10 "most corrupt" Democrats running for Congress.

The National Republican Congressional Committee launched its campaign on Wednesday with a YouTube video detailing several scandals Horsford has been involved in during the past couple of years.

The Horsford campaign noted the GOP attack wasn't accurate. The senator reimbursed PokerStars for the Bahamas trip he went on, repaying about $1,500 six months later, for example.

Horsford is running for the 4th Congressional District against Republican Danny Tarkanian.

While Republicans slam him on ethics, Horsford on Thursday is going up with a new TV ad that outlines his biography growing up in a rough neighborhood. His father was killed when Horsford was 19 years old and his mother battled drug addiction for years.

“There's a big difference between the candidates in this race, and you can see it in these ads,” said Horsford campaign spokesman Tim Hogan. “Steven was born, raised and still lives in the district. He's committed his life to making it an even better place to live. Tarkanian can't say the same.”

Horsford campaign ad

National Republican Congressional Committee ad