Marshall and Amodei fundraising only small part of race

Kate Marshall has shown to be a more adept fundraiser than Mark Amodei, her opponent in the special election to fill the vacant U.S. House seat in Nevada's 2nd Congressional District.

But the latest finance reports from their campaigns released late Thursday at the Federal Election Commission tell just a small part of the story as the duo compete towards the Sept. 13 election.

Democrat Marshall raised $695,464 through August 24, while Republican Amodei has raised $535,942.

Amodei's report is here.

Marshall's report is here.

A breakdown shows Amodei receiving a greater percentage of his money from GOP members of Congress, ideological groups and political action committees representing professions and industries.

PACS accounted for 38 percent of Amodei's funds, while Marshall gained 27 percent from interest groups and other Democrats.

As of Aug. 24,  Amodei had $127,547 on hand to spend, while  Marshall had $187,689.   Amodei also counted $48,891 in consultant bills outstanding at the end of the reporting period.

Early voting numbers indicate Amodei has a lead in the race.

And whatever advantage Marshall may have in her bank account, she may have to make her money go further in the home stretch.

For whatever reason, and several are detailed here and here, Marshall has not received outside financial help from national Democrats or many affiliated groups.

In what will be one of the defining storylines of the race,  Amodei has been backed by heavy spending from the National Republican Campaign Committee, which has put almost $600,000 into attacks on Marshall.

American Crossroads, the Republican-affiliated PAC whose founders include Karl Rove, has spent another $195,000 on the race.

Looking at it another way,  Republican outside groups have spent almost as much as Amodei and Marshall.  The candidates spent a combined $917,126 through Aug. 24.