Meet Nevada’s 2013 Cherry Blossom Princess

Blustery weather delayed the appearance of the cherry blossoms in Washington this spring, though they are in bloom now.

This weekend also saw the wrapup of the city’s three-week Cherry Blossom Festival, including appearances by Cherry Blossom princesses representing the states.

Nevada’s princess this year was Dara Fulstone, 25, a Reno native and graduate student at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

Fulstone graduated from Galena High School in Reno and earned a degree from Georgetown University in 2009 with a double major in Operations and Information Management and Management of New and Small Businesses, with a minor in biology.

Fulstone also worked on the staff of former Rep. Shelley Berkley and in the past year was a member of the Washington Redskins Ambassadors, an adjunct squad to the team’s cheerleaders.

The Nevada State Society, the organization of Nevadans who live and work in the Washington area, picks the state princess each year among single women aged 20-25 who are from the state or whose parents are Nevadans