Reid says he plans to run again in 2016

Newly energized after expanding his Senate Democratic caucus on Election Day,  Sen. Harry Reid tells Politico he plans to run for another term in 2016.

"I have this one and one more Congress before I have to run for re-election," Reid said in a day-after interview.  "I'm planning on running for re-election"

Reid would be 76 during the campaign, and would turn 77 a month afterwards.   He declared himself "pretty healthy, take good care of myself. I'm going to raise some more money because I've given most of it away.  But I'm pretty good at raising money."

The Democratic caucus stands to grow from 53 senators, which includes two independents.  If newly elected Maine independent Angus King chooses to join the Democratic fold,  Reid as Senate majority leader will head a group of 55.

Reid faces no challenge in remaining as majority leader for the upcoming Congress.  It would mark his fourth term as leader, the most since Montana Democrat Mike Mansfield, who served eight terms from 1961 to 1977.

Reid told Politico he planned to stay on as Democractic leader throughout his tenure.  "Oh sure," he said.  "Why not?"