Reid wants to know which senators are "domestic enemies"

If Sharron Angle believes there are "domestic enemies" in Congress, then how about naming some names?

At least that was the challenge today to Angle from Sen. Harry Reid, as his campaign sought to call further attention to the latest Angle head-scratcher that came to light this week.

To review, during an appearance on conservative radio host Bill Manders' show last October, Angle said she agreed when Manders declared he thought there were "home-born, home-grown enemies" in the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Greg Sargent, a liberal blogger with The Washington Post, posted the audio clip that triggered this latest campaign episode.

Who are these domestic enemies, Reid demanded to know. Republicans?

"Sharron Angle's rhetoric is irresponsible and over the top," Reid said in a statement. "Let me be very clear. While I may have some differences of opinion with my Republican colleagues in the Senate, I have never questioned their patriotism.

"For Sharron Angle to agree that any of them -- Republican or Democrat -- is an enemy of the state is not only an insult to every United States senator, it's a disgrace to our country. If she is going to use such rhetoric, she has an obligation to name names and explain to the American people exactly who she thinks is a domestic enemy."

In a rare twist, Reid took Angle on personally on this issue, rather than leaving it to his campaign handlers as he usually does.

Asked why, Reid aide Jon Summers said Reid as the Senate majority leader thought the comments "are an unfair attack on Republicans and Democrats alike who are serving in Congress."

In response to all that, Angle spokesman Jarrod Agen pointed out that Reid "has a long history of questioning patriotism, including earlier this year when he called Republicans "anti-American."

That was in April, when a frustrated Reid used that phrase in discussing a GOP holdup of the Wall Street reform bill.

While on the topic, Agen also noted Reid's "this war is lost" comment from 2007, and his criticism of Gen. David Petraeus, "for which Reid still has not apologized.

"It is the rhetoric which has come directly from Harry Reid's mouth that is a disgrace to this country," Agen said. "Harry Reid's attempt to put words into Sharron's mouth is a desperate ploy and perfect example of why voters are tired of Reid's political antics while the state continues to suffer."