Republican executive director departs

Zac Moyle, the executive director of the Nevada Republican Party for more than two years, is leaving politics for a career in business.

Moyle announced his resignation in an e-mail Monday night, saying, "I have been offered a great job, a good salary, and one with tremendous potential. I look forward to tackling it head on and being able to spend more time with the girl of my dreams, starting a family, and concentrating on my ministry."

A devout Christian, major indie rock fan and Marine Corps veteran, Moyle served as both the head administrator of the state party and its public face, answering queries from the media. Detractors said he lacked chops as a strategist, but he is a hard worker and widely well liked.

Moyle said today that he'll be working as a regional manager for a major national retailer. For now, he's staying on to help the party transition.

"It's unfortunate what happened in the last election, but we built a strong grass roots, and more importantly I think we learned a lot of lessons to take forward," he said.

Resumes are pouring in for the position. As one GOP consultant pointed out, "There are a lot of talented Republicans out of work, given the last two (election) cycles."