Republicans vs. Republicans

A fundraising e-mail sent out to Republican Party faithful seeks to ignite their outrage in part against fellow members of the GOP.

"Dear Fellow Republicans," state chairwoman Sue Lowden writes in the missive, "Harry Reid has been searching far and wide for supporters and donors to his re-election campaign and he has found them… of all places… in Reno this week, co-hosted by Republican Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Republican Sparks Mayor Geno Martini."

"Help us find 100 donors from around Nevada to give $10, $20, or even $100 to show Harry Reid that Nevada Republicans have support from the people who he is paid to represent," Lowden writes.

The e-mail is topped with a photo of the Senate majority leader bearing the words, "SEN HARRY REID: BAILOUT KING." Would that be the financial bailout bill proposed under the Bush administration and passed by the Senate with 34 Republican votes, including those of Sens. John Ensign and John McCain?