RNC challenger has Nevada tie (Not Bob List)

The Huffington Post on Friday reported Saul Anuzis will challenge Michael Steele for chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, a job for which some speculated former Nevada Gov. Robert List was in the running.

Anuzis is a former Michigan state Republican Party chairman but has a recent Nevada political connection.

In August, 2009 he and Nevada conservative political consultant Chuck Muth started the Dump Reid political action committee, a group aimed at raising money to oppose the re-election of Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Democrats complained the PAC ran afoul of federal election laws by using a candidate name on a committee that was unaffiliated to a campaign.

In response the PAC was renamed to the acronym Decidedly Unhappy Mainstream Patriots Rejecting Evil-mongering Incompetent Democrats.

The PAC didn't reach the founders' stated goals to raise $5 million and oust Reid.

Federal Election Commission reports show it started 2010 with about $35,000 and raised about $19,000 more in contributions through September before disbanding Oct. 27. Reid won the election by about 40,000 votes over Republican nominee Sharron Angle.