"....so I said to Brad Pitt...."

WASHINGTON — A huge movie buff, Sen. Harry Reid got a kick out of his visit with Brad Pitt on Thursday. Pitt stopped by the Senate majority leader's office to talk about the rebuilding of New Orleans, one of his pet causes.

Reid said he always enjoys chit-chatting with visiting celebs. Pitt was no exception.

"I have always been curious about people, I always ask people questions," Reid told Nevada reporters today.

"So I said to Brad Pitt: 'Tell me how you got into movies. Obviously it wasn't because of your good looks.' " Pitt has a good sense of humor, Reid reported.

As a photographer prepared to shoot some pictures, Reid asked Pitt: "How will they tell us apart?"

Just so there's no confusion, that's the senator on the right.....

U.S. Senate Photo/Jeff McEvoy

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