Titus presses for Geithner visit

Rep. Dina Titus has peppered the Obama administration with a series of letters this year to call attention to the Southern Nevada foreclosure crisis.

Today she took it up a notch and asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to pay a visit.

Titus complained in a letter about spotty service from mortgage companies and said she wanted Geithner "to meet with homeowners who have attempted to work with their servicers to modify their loans."

Titus' request comes in the aftermath of a controversy over comments by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on the talk shows last Sunday that it is possible Democrats could lose control of the House of Representatives this fall.

While most analysts agree that indeed is a possibility, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly was infuriated that the White House would say so in public.

Pelosi eventually channeled her anger into demands for the Obama administration to do more to help House Democrats in the fall campaigns.

Titus spokesman Andrew Stoddard said the request for Geithner to visit Henderson was in the works since before this week, and was not an outcome to the Pelosi-Gibbs flap.

Still, that may not hurt the chances that an Obama official or two might show up for Titus. After all, seemingly countless administration celebrities have made Nevada a stopover to boost the re-election prospects of Sen. Harry Reid.

Asked this week about the Gibbs remarks that had many Democrats in a tizzy on Capitol Hill, Titus said she was trying to stay out of it.

"You never like to hear that there is trouble but that is nothing new. We know there are tough races out there, and I'm just going forward with my own race. I hope this gets Democrats more energized."