Time for the Dance

I hope you're all planning your trip to San Jose where the Rebels will play against the California Bears this Thursday. The Rebels have already played and won against the Bears up in Berkeley, CA on a last second put back by Quintrell Thomas. The NCAA doesn't usually match up teams who played against each other during the season, but apparently an exception was made in this case for whatever reason. Cal better be ready to lose by a bigger margin, since we have Khem Birch and Mike Moser playing this time around. Khem wasn't eligible for the first matchup and Mike got hurt just a few minutes into the game.

I know I am always a wreck when Selection Sunday announcements are on. This year was no different. I'm usually quite the planner so whenever I have to make plans at the last minute (even 4 days prior), it makes me a little crazy. I was at my son's house watching when we heard "In San Jose, CA, the number 5 seed, UNLV ... " and after the usual jumping for joy, the real task began of getting there, getting a hotel, getting transportation and most importantly, a ticket to the game. We were able to get this done fairly quickly, with a few phone calls here & there to coordinate with friends and other fans. We did have to wait until Monday night to make sure we got tickets through UNLV Athletics. 

The game will be on TRU TV on Thursday at 4:27 p.m. PT. For my Vegas readers, Tru TV is channel 1054 on Cox Cable. You can also listen on ESPN 1100 AM/98.9 FM with Jon Sandler and Robert Smith. 

There will be a pep rally before the game on Thursday at the San Jose Marriott at 2 p.m. in the Arcadia Restaurant. It's a short walk to the HP Pavilion from there. The UNLV pep band, cheerleaders and Hey Reb will all be there. If you're making the trip for the game, come join the UNLV Alumni for this event.

Other Mountain West teams who made the Big Dance are SDSU, Colorado State, Boise State and New Mexico. I wish luck to all of them. Yes, even SDSU. 

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