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Road Warrior

Flashing red lights, stopped cars ... hey, what gives?

It can be confusing out there on the road, getting bombarded with traffic lights and signs and cones and those dudes with the flags and the smoke pouring out of that old VW bug in front of you and the weaving big rig to your right, which makes you think of that video on YouTube where a rig jacknifed and smashed into things.

Love for Las Vegas roadway not in the works

This week's installment of Road Warrior questions-answers opens with a reader looking for love. Not from the Road Warrior - heaven forbid! - but from the city of Las Vegas, which is responsible for a perceived rough patch of Martin Luther King Jr...

Here's to sober Super Bowl parties

As you settle in for today's daylong party known as Super Bowl Sunday - capped by the San Francisco 49ers' trouncing of the overmatched Baltimore Ravens - here are a few Road Warrior-provided fun facts to swallow (figuratively, if not literally): ■...