Andy McMillin wins Mint 400 in a cloud of dust

Here are the highlights from Saturday’s General Tire Mint 400, the Great American Off-Road race held south of town near Jean, as far as we know:

Andy McMillin (and co-driver Steve Sourapas) were the overall winners in a very expensive Ford truck sponsored by Corona beer. They averaged 59.9 mph over four 100-mile loops. Their elapsed time was 6:14.29. They crossed the finish line ahead of 319 other entries in a cloud of dust.

A Mexican driver named Tavo Vildosola finished second. Dan McMillin, race winner Andy McMillin’s brother, finished third. They also crossed the finish line in a cloud of dust.

Travis Pastrana, the former X Games star, was fourth driving something with four wheels that was sponsored by Red Bull, no doubt. Las Vegas off-road veteran Tim Herbst was fifth.

Was there also a cloud of dust with those two? One would would imagine.

This is what happened to the other Las Vegas favorites:

B.J. Baldwin, out after two laps.

T.J. Flores, out on the third lap with a blown engine.

Bryce Menzies, out on the final lap. The 2013 overall champion lost a battle with a Joshua tree.

Rob MacCachren, at last report, which was 9 p.m. Saturday, still was out on the course.

In a cloud of dust, probably.