Jimmer’s chucking days over in Sactown

I see where the Sacramento Kings have bought out Jimmer Fredette’s contract.

For some reason, the first thing that popped into mind when I read the former Brigham Young gunner was on his way out in Sactown was a “Seinfeld” episode called “The Jimmy.”

Jimmy was this guy with whom Jerry and George and Kramer played pickup ball. He talked in the third person. Jimmy also had special training shoes that supposedly improved his vertical leap.

George was the chucker.

But when he was at BYU, Jimmer was the chucker.

There’s this YouTube video that shows Jimmer chucking an outrageously long 3 against Texas Christian from somewhere near Moab, and when the ball goes in without disturbing the net, you can see the TCU coach — must have been Jim Christian — holding his hands out in exasperation as if to say “Whaddya’ gonna do?”

Classic reaction. Classic Jimmer.

Jimmer Fredette was the quintessential college basketball gunner, and I mean that in a good way. Since the Kings announced they would be buying out his contract I have read stories, these long analytic pieces, about why it didn’t work out for him in the NBA.

It hasn’t worked out for Jimmer (at least so far) for the same reason it didn’t work out for other guys like him. He was a great college basketball player whose one-dimensional game does not translate to the pros.

Special training shoes will not help Jimmer Fredette jump higher or play better defense.

But I will always remember Jimmer chucking those outrageous 3s from Moab when he was in college, and making them. There may have been others like him, but try telling that to Jim Christian.