An adult response to House Benghazi probe

Well, guess who is endorsing the new House probe into Benghazi — none other than former CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Panetta thinks a full investigation will show that the intelligence community did not politicize the Benghazi analysis.

That’s an adult and proper response.

Not to be confused, of course, with the sustained responses of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They hissed and spit at the revelation that the White House may have hidden a damning e-mail that shows the White House and the State Department cherry picking intelligence reports to spin the deaths in Benghazi.

“Nothing to see here; move along,” they essentially said.

But there is something to see. If it turns out to look like it looks now, it’s going to get pretty ugly for President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their minions.

But let’s see what happens and, above all, let the full and unvarnished facts fall where they may.