Advice for Kate Marshall -- Run like a Democrat

Colleague Review-Journal political columnist Steve Sebelius, the most entertaining political writer in all of Nevada, gives the following advice to Democrat Kate Marshall in her run against Republican Mark Amodei in a congressional district that is heavily Republican:

"What should Marshall do? ...she should run hell-bent for the horizon on a strong Democratic platform, and try to outperform the totals any other Democrat has been able to achieve in the district."

Oh, yeah, baby: Do that, Kate!

PS: I said Steve was the most entertaining political writer in Nevada. Not the most judicious.

PPS: Running "hell-bent for the horizon on a strong Democratic platform" means Kate does what, exactly? Do a "True Grit" impersonation yelling to her opponent to "fill your hands you SOB" and then promise voters in the district a free, government-purchased big screen TVs, Internet service, an iPad and a year's subscription of HuluTV-Plus?

PPPS: Welcome back to Congress, Mr. Amodei.

PPPPS: Strike the word "back" in the above PPPS. He hasn't been there .... yet.


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