‘America’ a stellar doc flick

If you, like me, heard President Obama pledge to “remake America” and wondered what the hell that means, you will very much enjoy his new documentary “America”.

Dinesh D’Souza makes a compelling case for what’s good in America and takes apart the modern ideas that tend to run down the United States.

One of the more moving moments in the flick comes when the speech of Bono about America “the idea” is played. Hard not to shed a tear or two over Bono’s wonderful defense of America.

The sound track to the movie is also great, featuring a cut from Mumford and Son’s as well as Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine’s pounding out the Jimi Hendrix rendition of the National Anthem.

I’m recommending “America”.This movie fan’s American flag goes all the way to the top on this doc flick.

PS: If you’re a Saul Alinski fan and want to remake America into a socialist country, like President Obama and Hillary Clinton, then save the money and stay home.