Another famous Nevada last name runs for office

First we had Erin Bilbray-Kohn using her DNA and famous Nevada name "Bilbray" to launch a campaign for Congress. Now we have another Nevada famous last name in the ring for Reno City Council.

Elisa Cafferata -- granddaughter of Barbara Vucanovich, first woman elected to a federal office in Nevada, and daughter of Patty Cafferata, former Nevada state treasurer and first woman elected to a state constitutional office in Nevada.

Her bio, which you can find here, is interesting. Among other things, she says she's an "unrepentant night owl, proud geek, and with kids aged 14 to 25 thinks twittering and flickring are essential." And, of course, she's not bashful about playing up her DNA qualifications. When you go to her site, you'll see her flanked by her famous grandmother and mother.

PS: She does have one little soft spot in her announcement. She says she is "passionately committed to protecting our quality of life." But she's the CEO of Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affilliates. So, does that make her bumper sticker: "Quality Life Thru Abortion?"

PPS: I tried that bumper sticker out on a friend. He said the better sticker is: "I'm pro-death and I vote."

PPPS: He may be right.