The bathroom wall indictment

American universities have long become freedom-free zones — zero tolerance for free speech on topics such as gay marriage and the right of Israel to exist is pretty much the norm these days.

Anyone who does anything to bruise the feelings of a fellow student can feel the sting of academic punishment up to and including double secret probation.

And now comes this amazing story out of Columbia: A staff writer’s name appears on the bathroom wall in a list of “Rapists on Campus” and he gets removed from his job.

I kid you not. You can read the story here. The moral of the story is that when liberal thinking runs amok it creeps toward the kind of intolerance we see on American college campuses.

When it makes the leap to government, we get intellectual rationalization for mass murderers like Pol Pot in Cambodia. It’s pretty much a straight line.

Put that on the bathroom wall.