The Bundy hypocrisy fest

It’s hard to quantify the hypocrisy surrounding government’s reaction to the way the BLM bungled the Clive Bundy “undocumented” cattle issue last weekend.

But if we could gather it all up and stuff it into one bag, it would make up a sack of humanity Nevadans call their senior U.S. senator, Harry Reid.

First, why in the world did the BLM let this rancher from Bunkerville graze his cattle on public land for 20 years without paying a fee? Twenty freaking years? C’mon, folks — a law unenforced (or worse, selectively enforced) is no just law at all.

Second, why isn’t Reid even the slightest bit critical of the way new BLM chief Neil Kornze handled the Bundy roundup? Showing up heavily armed and putting protesters in a First Amendment “area” is such a huge lapse in judgment one must wonder whether Kornze should keep his job. Kornze only got the job because he was a senior advisor to Sen. Reid. Kornze is obviously about as tone deaf as his former boss.

And third, Sen. Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal today that, “I think we have to be supportive of the law.” It would be “senseless” to do otherwise.

You mean, Sen. Reid, the Bundy folks should support the BLM law and tactics like you support Yucca Mountain? That’s rich. Yucca is the law of the land, but Sen. Reid has made a career out of defying the law, delaying the law and defunding the law.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” eh, Sen. Reid?

Look, there’s a lot to say about the Bundy deal. Not all the facts stack up for Bundy, IMHO. I’m sorry, fellow patriots, they just don’t.

But if I had to choose now, I’d stand with Bundy 100 percent before I’d stand with a BLM and a senator who seemingly think it is OK to show up a man’s ranch and take his property at gunpoint.

I am going to write more on this. Check this blog and my column on Sunday for more of my ongoing thoughts on this most important exercise in civil disobedience.