Clark County businesses out of business -- 1,353 and counting

It isn't as easy as you might think to quantify with precision how many businesses are out of business in Las Vegas. We can see the empty store fronts, of course. But how bad is it, really?

Well, the experts at the Las Vegas Business Press are working on that for an upcoming story.

In the meanwhile, get a load of this graph which would indicate that 1,353 private "establishments" have bit the dust in Clark County since Q1 '09. That's pretty steep and would show me that any recovery in Las Vegas will require special nurturing to sustain.

Clark County Establishments
Private Sectors

QuarterNumber of
Change in
Number of
Q1 200540,624 
Q2 200541,251627
Q3 200542,150899
Q4 200542,978828
Q1 200643,873895
Q2 200644,612739
Q3 200645,8551,243
Q4 200647,2141,359
Q1 200747,25844
Q2 200748,009751
Q3 200748,504495
Q4 200749,462958
Q1 200849,827365
Q2 200850,009182
Q3 200850,518509
Q4 200850,633115
Q1 200949,982-651
Q2 200949,520-462
Q3 200949,280-240

Source: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation and Applied Analysis
Note: change in number of establishments takes into account new, dissolved and suspended business entities