David Salzer Broder, 1929 - 2011

Before the day ends, an acknowledgment must be made to one of the best political writers of the generation. The WashPo's David Broder died today. An arbiter of fairness in the ever increasingly dirty beat of politics, his career in journalism rarely matched.

You can read his obit here. And, I recommend you do.

For Nevadans, it's also worth noting the footnote that David Broder did not hold Sen. Harry Reid's performance as a leader in high regard. That prompted an ugly verbal jab from the Senate floor at Broder by Reid late in Broder's life. It said a heck of a lot more about the character of Reid than Broder, in my opinion.

You can read more about just what Broder thought about Reid here. It's worth remembering, because I am sure Reid sycophants will hope you forget.