Double thank you, Mr. President ... may we have another?

Not sure how many more cracks Las Vegas is going to take from the president before somebody other than myself and Mayor Oscar Goodman speaks out. How about it, Nevada delegation? How about Nevada Resort Association? Chamber of Commerce? Nevada Democrat Party?

If he's going to say something nasty about a state's economy, can't he at least spread the barbs around. Nevada is 2 for 2. How about next time he says "wasting a bunch of cash at an Indian casino" or "Macau" or an "Illinois riverboat" or an "inner-city Detroit slot join" or a "New York racetrack" or a "Nebraska kickback."

You get the picture.

Somebody from the Democratic Party in Nevada ought to get to this guy and let him know things are going to be tough enough in November without the head of their party disrespecting the state's No. 1 industry and job producer.

Postscript: Looks like this time all of Las Vegas is going to rise up and say "No more, Mr. President!" Sen. Harry Reid has objected; so has most of the Nevada delegation from what I've seen. The LVCVA has weighed in, as they should. I'm sure all business groups and elected officials will publicly criticize the president before all is said and done.