In Egypt's crisis, we must stand strong behind Israel

As the Middle East unrest shakes the region from Egypt to Jordan, it is imperative that the Obama Administration stand strong behind Israel.

Will we? Pundits in Israel wonder. Consider these words from Aviad Pohoryles in an article entitled "A Bullet in the Back from Uncle Sam." Reuters reports that It accuses "Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of pursuing a naive, smug, and insular diplomacy heedless of the risks."

Who is advising the United States "to fuel the mob raging in the streets of Egypt and to demand the head of the person who five minutes ago was the bold ally of the president ... an almost lone voice of sanity in a Middle East?"

"The politically correct diplomacy of American presidents throughout the generations ... is painfully naive," Pohoryles writes.

You can read more about the worries within Israel over the resolve of the Obama Administration to stand by traditional allies.

I hope the fears are unfounded, but the track record of the Obama Administration for demurring in the face of crisis is pretty well documented.

While the Middle East burns in protest, now is the time for the president to show some leadership.

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