An end to heart disease? Yes, please

This note on Friday of excellent scientific good cheer goes out to my esteemed cardiologist Tom Lambert over at Mountain View Hospital, and all my heart patient buds everywhere — Look at what’s going on at Johns Hopkins University.

We may be one step closer to eradicating — not controlling, eradicating — heart disease.

A new drug may reduce the effects of high-fat and high-cholesterol diets and it may also have benefit for the entire body.

“It’s the entire cardiovascular system that’s affected,” Ekaterina Pesheva, a representative for Johns Hopkins, told The Daily Beast. “The reason we’re worried about the heart and the brain is because those are the centers that end up being the most debilitating to human life when affected by fatty buildups.”

You can read the story here. But here’s the key graph: “The study shows that the new drug under examination, known now as D-PDMP, changes the way fat metabolism works, and eliminates the risk of heart attack and heart disease. The drug halts the development of atherosclerosis, a word referring to the hardening of the arteries.”

If this pans out it will be incredibly good news for heart patients like me. Hope it comes fast enough.

P.S.: Hey, Doc Lambert: Can you get me a prescription ASAP?