Generosity and patriotism, Las Vegas to Chicago to Germany

Dear fellow Complete Las Vegans -- I absolutely love it when I get notes like this.

It's from a resident and business associate.

Read it ... I promise you that you will be glad you did.

  "As background, I am a retired US Army Officer and vet of Vietnam.  My son is an infantry, airborne, ranger, green beret.

  "My son recently returned to Vegas on emergency leave for the birth of his first son.  He stayed two weeks, and got to know his newborn son and reunite with his wife.  On Wednesday,  I delivered him to McCarran for his return flight to Afghanistan where he will finish this tour and return to his family in North Carolina in August.

  "In our great Las Vegas airport, a fellow passenger, a jeweler from Chicago, took him to the United Air Lines counter and upgraded him to 1st Class from Vegas to Chicago.  The jeweler was so proud of what he had done that he followed Brady to his next gate to use his Mileage Plus miles to upgrade Brady to 1st Class from Chicago to Frankfort.  This soldier traveled in comfort thanks to a the generosity of a stranger from Chicago who cared.  I like that American.

  "From Frankfort, he returned to reality as he strapped himself to the side of a C-17 and slept on the floor, but gee, what a proud feeling for what had just happened to him as a soldier of our great country.

  "Just wanted to share."