'Glitches' are so last week

So, the Obamacare website woes are not just "glitches."

That was the excuse last week.

This week the website doesn't work, but it's no big deal because Obamacare is more than a website. It's a shiny new health care system,  and it's such a good deal.

Never mind that we mindlessly overspent on the website. Never mind that it flat-out doesn't work. And never mind that the president of the United States, in a form of a denial in which he is the master, admitted that the website failed in such a way as to make you believe that he was somehow disconnected from the process.

This is his signature piece of legislation. It is his administration that failed to create the website in a timely and workable manner, though he had years to do it. It is administration that overspent its budget and then, unbelievably, tried to blame Republicans for not giving it more money. And it is his administration, using the same people who brought us this disaster, who he says will fix it.

On what planet does the president get that that kind optimism? Whatever the name, I'll guarantee you it's made of brass.

Truth is that the Obamacare website is not going to be fixed by December. When an IT person tells you that it's going to take three months to fix a failed roll-out, that's the equivalent of an Old Testament prophet predicting a journey of "40 days and 40 nights."