Harry’s ‘secure’ border

Begin irony font.

How secure is the U.S.-Mexican border? Sen. Harry Reid says it is totally secure.

Which makes me want to ask Nevada’s senior (emphasis on “senior”) senator, what the hell were three Ukrainian men doing wandering in the desert in rural West Texas. Authorities say they illegally crossed the border, missed their ride from an accomplice already in the United States, got lost, and were eventually apprehended.

Two of the three men had records and were previously deported.

“It’s not every day we find Ukrainians. Most illegal aliens we catch are pretty poor and frail,” said Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson. “These guys were trained, I mean they were stout.”

There’s nothing Sen. Reid wants you to see here because given the track record of President Obama’s competence with the IRS and the VA, he couldn’t possibly muck up the border and American safety from terrorists.

But, you know, it does kind of make you wonder, doesn’t it Harry? If three Ukrainian guys “well trained” can cross the border like that, how many guys go unnoticed from, say, Yemen? How many ISIS guys?

But I forget. The border is secure. This I know, news to the contrary, because Harry tells me so.

End irony font.