Harry's La Cucaracha Legacy, Aye, Aye, Aye

For years now I've been telling Nevadans that as Sen. Harry Reid climbed the ladder of liberal Democratic politics, he changed politically into something Nevadans didn't recognize. This NYTimes story will run down some of this so-called "evolution".

But it's worse than that. Over time, he detached from his Nevada roots and became a creature of Washington, D.C. Most everything he did was designed to solidify his power in Washington and less and less to do with Nevadans.

He was once solidly anti-abortion. Now he's pretty much a shameless facilitator of abortion, any time any place. He once was anti-amnesty for illegal aliens. Now he wants a "path to citizenship" for just about every illegal resident. He was once a steadfast supporter of marriage between one man and one woman. Now he's all-in for gay marriage. Basically, if the liberal wing of the Democratic demanded a core-belief change from Sen. Reid to keep his power position, Sen. Reid did his political "La Cucaracha" move and bent his character to accommodate. For a good many years, Harry played the political game of saying one thing in Washington and quite another in Tonopah.

In 2009 I dined with some very good friends of Sen. Harry Reid and, naturally, the conversation turned to our senior senator. We all agreed that he had risen to lofty heights and there was a part of us who felt a kind of pride that a Nevadan had done so. But then I asked my dinner partners to list the great things that Harry Reid had done for Nevada with that power?

Silence followed. None of us could come up with much that mattered.

I've been preaching that truth ever since. Nevada may have one powerful senator, but when it comes to things we need from Washington, Sen. Reid has been a bystander, unless it in some way benefited him personally.

And now Nevadans have confirmation from his own mouth. Get a load of this from the NYTimes piece."

"When it came to the music, Mr. Reid saw a way to help. Never one to shy away from pushing an earmark through the Appropriations Committee, Mr. Reid in 2004 secured a $25,000 grant for Clark County schools in Las Vegas to begin a mariachi program. The federal spending was ridiculed by Citizens Against Government Waste as 'La Pork-a-Racha,' but it was immensely popular with Hispanic students and their parents.

"'That is one of the best things I have ever done in my political life,' said Mr. Reid, who still cannot help smiling about the earmark."

Sadly, I think his statement is absolutely true. Aye, Aye, Aye.

H/T Steve Tetreault