Here’s how to fix the VA nightmare

For as long as anyone can remember, the Veterans Affairs health care system has been doing a lousy job. It didn’t matter what flavor of a president was in office, or which party controlled Congress.

Care was considered spotty at best.

Now comes the latest VA controversy. Veterans were placed on waiting lists for care in Phoenix (and possibly many other facilities around the country) and thought they were in line for care. But it turns out they were on waiting lists to get on other waiting lists — in other words, faux lists designed only to make it look like the VA was serving veterans in a timely manner.

In fact, people died while on those phony lists, but — hey! — the VA looked good on Washington reports.

President Obama is scheduled to speak today on this scandal that has rocked his administration. It took the president a while to address the VA nightmare under his watch, but, you know, we shouldn’t be surprised.

The president will probably do his usual song and dance and try to blame it all on somebody else. But the truth is that this has gone on for the entire Obama term. And there are several credible news stories that say Obama and his new head of the VA were specifically warned that the VA was gaming the system. While lazy, inattentive mismanagement has become a hallmark of the Obama Administration, I won’t lay it all on the president. Lousy VA care has been going on for decades.

So, here’s my solution. By law, make all of Congress and the administrative branch of government — and their families — use the VA system for all health care. If the president wants to take his kids in for an exam, make him get on down to the local VA hospital.

If Harry Reid needs that ticker checked out after another stroke, get on down to the VA facility. If Joe Biden needs more follicle transplants, well, you know the drill.

You don’t think that would solve the problem? I promise you it would.

Of course this is never going to happen. Hell, our so-called Washington leaders are not even going to go on Obamacare, much less subject themselves to VA care.

If you want to fix it — I mean really fix it — then make the Nancy Pelosi types use it.