Hey, Harry, what about this law?

I was struck last month when Harry Reid sided with the Gestapo military tactics of the BLM in rounding up cattle owned by Cliven Bundy in Mesquite by saying that "the law is the law".

I knew that would come back to bite him. For Sen. Reid "the law is the law" only if he likes the law or it serves his purposes.

Existing immigration laws serve as one example.

But now comes President Obama negotiating with terrorists, releasing five senior Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for one American.

If you want to argue about whether that was a good trade, fine. Do it.

And if you want to point out that this move by President Obama now makes Americans prime targets for kidnapping as the Taliban looks to get more of their folks out of Gitmo, go ahead.

But the more pressing point is that the law quite clearly says that the president can't transfer Gitmo prisoners without notifying Congress 30 days in advance. Yet that's what the president did and it flat out broke the law.

So, Harry: Is "the law the law" or for you does the law only apply to folks like Cliven Bundy?

Just asking.