I dream of a more perfect Nevada

Nothing like the Fourth of July to reflect on our common heritage both as a nation and as a state. It's an exercise that we as a people should try to do more than once a year. It's an ideal that ought to be taught with greater vigor in our schools. We embrace independence and freedom within the context of an immigrant nation. Diversity -- our hallmark bound by common history and values.

We're not where we want to be on that as a nation, I'm afraid. But I still hold hope.

For Nevada, my dream for the state is that we find a way to recapture our independent spirit, our live-and-let-live heritage. Instead of a Legislature bound by garden-variety Democrat and Republican politics, I'd love to see a body that didn't always vote along party lines. And wouldn't it be grand to see a legislative session that didn't feature copy-cat bills from California?

And as for electing men and women to serve in Washington, D.C., I want people who represent Nevada first, not their respective political party. I want senators who don't go to Washington, D.C., to find out how they should vote. I want senators who have core beliefs and vote those convictions, regardless of where those votes may fall respective to national party lines.

It's a dream. But it's a dream I think is shared by many Nevadans. And, besides, it's the Fourth of July. No better time to dream of a more perfect union.